Throughout the world successful citizens have realized that it is necessary to divide their lives between a city apartment and a country house. And on the outskirts the infrastructure should be at the city level. Therefore, the restaurants of the new format with the most famous chefs of Europe sometimes open in the most remote corners of the countryside. The restaurant project, executed in Scandinavian style, is very democratic. Ultimate simplicity, aesthetics and naturalness create a single space with nature. In this case, the picture outside the window ceases to be just a view, it becomes a part of the interior of the restaurant, and the dishes acquire new shades of taste.

The menu of the restaurant united the most popular dishes and the preference was given to simple food that is more suitable for the suburban theme of the restaurant. The main emphasis is on the exceptional freshness of products and virtuosity of performance.

The main trend of the year is natural farm products. Duck and goose meat from its own farm, pickles and jams, as well as its own bakery, can not be better suited to that tendency.

It’s not necessarily to go to the center in order to find a delicious meal!