Rules of Residence on the territory of Emerald Resort

*These Rules are in force in accordance with the Law of the Russian Federation «On Protection of Consumer Rights», «The Rules for the Provision of Hotel Services in the Russian Federation,» approved by Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation of October 9, 2015 No. 1085 and other legislative acts in force in the territory of the Russian Federation, Between executors and consumers in the provision of hotel services.

  1. Consumers, visiting the resort, in accordance with clause 3.2.4. of the Contract, are obliged to observe these Rules of Residence on the territory of Emerald resort, as well as fire safety rules.
  2. Vacationers are accepted as a rest base only if they have a document proving their identity. The territory of the resort is protected. The entrance to the resort is carried out in the presence of an agreement (tour) or at the invitation of the administration. Persons not indicated in the contract (voucher) do not have the right to live on the base.
  3. Visiting the resort with children under 14 years is allowed only accompanied by adults, with a birth certificate. Heads of organized tourist groups with under-age children, must present a power of attorney for the right to accompany them.
  4. Estimated time of arrival — 17:00 Estimated time of departure — 15:00.
  5. In case of arrival of the holiday-makers after the date indicated in the contract without notice, the period of arrival is not subject to change and no compensation is paid.
  6. In the event of delayed vacation after the estimated time of departure, you must obtain permission from the administrator to extend the stay on the base.
  7. In the presence of free places, payment for the extension of the period of stay at the base is made in the amount of 100% of the total cost of the day. When leaving after 15 (fifteen) hours of the current day, the full cost of the days not taken into account is paid.
  8. The fact of acceptance of the Consumer Service is: the transfer of keys from the premises and the bracelet of payment by the administrator on duty at the moment of the Consumer’s arrival on the territory of the resort.
  9. In the event that the Consumer discovers any deficiencies in the completeness of the number upon arrival, he shall promptly notify the Executor of any observations he has found. If the guest does not declare any deficiencies, then upon delivery of the premises the representative of the Executor has the right to demand compensation for the value of the missing property or payment of a fine for the damaged property, including those damaged by the animals of the Consumer.
  10. The fact that the Contractor surrenders the premises to the Consumer at the end of the term for the provision of services is the transfer to the administrator of the keys of the premises, the delivery of bed linen and property of the premises. The time for the administrator to accept the premises handed over by the Consumer within 20 minutes after the release of the number.
  11. Leaving the room, guests are advised to carefully close the doors and windows in order to avoid cases of theft.
  12. The administration of the base is not responsible for the loss of luggage and personal belongings of holidaymakers, for any medical expenses incurred as a result of unfortunate and other insured events. Administration is not liable for cases of theft of personal property in the place of stay.
  13. Personal cars must be located only in specially designated parking spaces.
  14. In the event of any conflicts and disputes, it is necessary to urgently contact the administration of the database.
  15. The administration reserves the right to forcibly evict from the base of the holidaymaker who has committed a violation of the rules of the visit, and if necessary, contact the law enforcement authorities. In this case, the money paid to guests for a ticket is not returned.


  1. Piling, hanging passages and ways of evacuation between buildings and buildings (stretching awnings, installing tents, parking vehicles).
  2. Carry to the recreation center any weapons, stabbing and cutting objects, narcotic and toxic substances.
  3. To leave unattended children under the age of 14 years.
  4. Use obscene language and disturb rest and rest of other base visitors (loud speech, singing, music, noise after 23:00, fights, causing moral and physical damage to others).
  5. Use the detergent (for washing dishes / washing) brought in, incompatible with biological treatment systems, to avoid disturbance of the bacterial environment and failure of the entire wastewater treatment system.
  6. Install electric and gas stoves in the rooms, as well as make independent cooking in the rooms and on the territory of the base, except for specially designated places (barbecue area).
  7. Carry out fixed assets (including tables, chairs, mattresses, and bed linens) outside the room.
  8. To take any actions that threaten the safety of the property of the recreation center and the environment (including the use of open fire, the cultivation of fires). The damage caused by vacationers to the receiving party is compensated by the rest (responsible person from the group of tourists), on the spot in full volume in cash. The damage is calculated by the administration of the base at the market value of the spoiled things.
  9. Go to the territory of restaurants with strollers, scooters, bicycles, rollers, in outer clothing, in beach clothes (swimsuits, swimming trunks).
  10. Visit unequipped beaches and other designated hazardous areas. Swim and dive in the pier area.
  11. Bathe in the Gorky Sea, the pool in a state of intoxication.
  12. To smoke in the rooms of the recreation center, as well as in public places.
  13. Disregard all electrical appliances.
  14. Hang up and dry things on electrical equipment.
  15. Bring pets (dogs, cats) with you.

Ladies and gentlemen!
The staff of Emerald Resort wishes you a pleasant stay!